Monday, March 17, 2008

Hoover, we'll miss you

There is nothing quite like losing a pet. They are part of your family, offering unconditional love and showing you a way of life that is playful and carefree. They bring so much joy into our lives that we want them to live forever. Even after 13 years, I'm still grieving the loss of Dandelion, who was my best friend growing up, and I have occasional flutters of pre-grief for my girls, Gryphon and Morgan, and the other cats in my family, even though they should all have long lives still ahead of them.

Nothing quite prepared me for the news I got this morning that my grandparents' cat, Hoover, didn't make it through the night last night. I still think of him as an overgrown kitten--he was only a couple of years old and so feisty, so full of vim and vigor. My cousin had adopted him originally, and when work sent him to Hong Kong for a few months, Hoover got to have an extended vacation at Grandmama and Granddaddy's house. He became a member of the family during those months and never left. He loved the big windows in the dining room and living room--about as close to watching TV as kitties get--and spent much of his time up on his cat tree observing his domain. Although mostly he wanted to get outside and show those birds and squirrels who was the boss, he loved to watch them through the glass and fantasize...

Hoover was a playful kitty, and nothing that moved was safe. He slept with me the last time I was visiting, which was great for the first few hours. Unfortunately, my feet move when I sleep and Hoover just couldn't resist attacking them in the night. I also returned home with my hands a little worse for wear--Hoover loved to nibble on me when I played with him, or pet him, or tried to give him treats, or really do anything in his general direction. But Hoover was also a loving kitty, with a big rumbling purr and rough tongue that he used liberally to give himself (and me) baths.

While Hoover was never a lap cat, he was still a joy to have around. I know I will miss seeing him perched in the window the next time I get to visit my family in Georgia. And I know Grandmama and Granddaddy will miss him each and every day. Hoover, we are so glad for the joy you brought into our lives the past couple of years. We'll be thinking of you in kitty heaven, where I'm sure you're finally getting to play with those birds live and in person. Namaste.

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Fran said...

Thank you for writing an eloquent eulogy for Hoover, a much loved and wonderful cat. He was just like all of us, sometimes loving and sweet, and other times a bit on the crotchety side. Through all of his moods, his love for us shone through. I'll miss you, too, Hoover!