Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday morning as I was meditating, my cat Gryphon curled up in my nap and began chewing on my fingers. It's her morning "Please feed me!" routine, which she usually reserves for waking me up. As Sean and I talked about it last night, he was pondering what the Dalai Lama would have to say to that. As the Dalai Lama is quite practical, Sean thought he would recommend moving the cat, removing the distraction of the nibbling.

This morning I was thinking that yes, the Dalai Lama is practical, which means it isn't likely he would recommend trying to change the behavior of another being. Instead, he would probably look at what little you do have control over. The only being I have control over is myself, but I also have control over where I choose to meditate. Therefore, I've relocated where I meditate to a place that is less likely to encourage kitty nibbling. We'll see how well this works!

What do you think the Dalai Lama would do?

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